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ExtenSys Inc. is devoted to improving capabilities and performance through the intelligent use of new industrial systems technologies

ExtenSys Inc. is a systems integration company that also sells and supports software products designed to maximize customer productivity in industrial computing environments.

We believe information technology is a performance tool - that if intelligently applied - will extend your ability to get your job done faster and smarter. Thus our name, ExtenSys, symbolizes our mission to extend the human reach into our customers' computing systems.

Incorporated in 1993, ExtenSys' principals have worked together at several successful systems consulting companies since 1978, and offer decades of combined experience devoted to achieving customer success through the implementation of new industrial computing systems.

Much of that experience has taught us that many of today's best customer solutions are found in the use of "best-of-breed" software products, rather than in developing new custom software. The challenge is to integrate a product-based solution that works in the existing computing environment.

At ExtenSys, we believe that a high level of experience, combined with a strong commitment to service, is what's needed to meet this ongoing challenge. We fulfill our service commitment by working in partnership with you to accomplish your objectives. This means we work at your site with members of your project team. Our task may be as simple as configuring software to meet the needs and conventions of your computing environment, or as complex as extending the current system to meet entirely new needs. In either case, we've got your objective, and future productivity firmly in mind.

ExtenSys offers particular systems expertise in the electric utility industry. We are knowledgeable about these and related technologies: Distribution Management Systems (DMS), Outage Management Systems (OMS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), radio fleet dispatch, AM/FM, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), retail settlement and bill processing, and providing interfaces to each. We can help you acquire and tailor a management system and then provide interfaces for it to existing systems and/or others you may acquire in the future.

Outside the electric utility industry we have also worked with: electronic transaction processing including B2B interfaces, power station control including nuclear reactor control, automation of radio and television broadcasting systems, engine and transmission test systems, traffic sign control, jail security systems, and building/facility management systems (including HVAC, mechanical, security and power supply and management). In other words, industrial systems are the core competency at ExtenSys, and we have a wide exposure to a variety of systems that run on many different types of hardware.



The days of open-ended systems budgets are gone. Cost constraints and accountability demand a different approach to developing a systems infrastructure. Within this environment, a systems integrator has to have a guiding philosophy and this is ours:

Open, Standards-Based Systems

Closed, proprietary systems create more problems than they solve. We can and will work within virtually any systems environment, but we propose and recommend only those systems components that are open and standards-based. And then we add the expertise that allows new systems to connect to old or existing ones.

Work With the Client Team, Transfer the Skills

Our clients aren't just investing in hardware and software, they are investing in knowledge and experience. If at the end of the day that intellectual capital doesn't remain within the organization, you have been short-changed. Part of our role is to transfer useful skills to the project team ensuring that your knowledge assets grow.

Nothing Hidden, No Surprises

Effective project management keeps projects on time, on budget. And project management demands both discipline and excellent process skills. At issue is your success and ours, so we spend a great deal of time and effort honing our project management skills. The result is that there are no unhappy surprises.

Only Build When You Must

We are very proud of our ability to build excellent custom solutions. But we do it sparingly. It's far preferable to use the best off-the-shelf hardware and software available and create a few custom linkages, than to try and re-invent the wheel.

At the Interface, Users Rule

Real time systems deal with real events. For maximum operational effectiveness, the user interface has to be convenient, intuitive and consistent with the task at hand. We have spent many years developing such interfaces and believe that the best way to do so is by listening to the users and letting them guide the end result.

Service, Service, Service

ExtenSys is not just in the technology business, we provide service. Our goal is not simply the creation of a system, but to help our clients be better off than they were before. We constantly ask the question: 'What is in the client's best interests?' The answers guide everything we do.


We look forward to discussing your next industrial systems integration project with you, and to helping you extend your reach by adding the latest technologies into your current and future computing environments.

34 Markland Drive, Etobicoke, Ontario, M9C 1N1 Canada (416) 481-1546

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