ExtenSys Inc.



Extracting Value From Your Management System Data


Capitalizing on your corporate data's value to increase revenue and reliability, while also reducing cost.


Delivering outstanding service ... capping costs... ensuring dependability ... all priorities for an electrical utility, and all attainable with a fully-integrated Distribution Management System (DMS).

Using current systems, data and technology sounds like a good idea, but implementation is another matter. Islands of technology, automation and data are often difficult to bridge because of incompatibilities and incongruities. Meanwhile, building the interfaces between them can be just as daunting a task.

But what if you could find a solution that began providing benefits in months, not years and allowed you to work with your current technology, while planning the next generation? And what if that solution was very affordable?


 Solutions, Now

ExtenSys Inc. is a systems integrator which markets, implements, customizes and supports Distribution Management System (DMS) software and services.

The critical factor in ExtenSys' approach to the integration of DMS into the utility is flexibility: we work with what you have to provide what you need. Standards-based, platform-independent, the solution can begin providing tangible benefits within six months.

No new Outage Management System, no replacement for Engineering Design - take the data from where it resides and we provide the means of gaining access to key productivity information.

The key to delivering on that promise involves two things. A suite of reliable software which forms the hub of the DMS and decades of experience and expertise in both real time systems and the utility sector.

ExtenSys has comprehensive experience with the leading edge DMS technologies and many of the common platforms (HP, Digital, Sun, PC) and OS versions (UNIX, LINUX, Windows). ExtenSys takes that flexibility and adds something else: the ability to work in your environment and, better yet, talk to anything. The result is a solution now, not later.


 Expand On What You Have

The primary role of a DMS is to provide a window to existing system management data. It then adds real value by performing meaningful and insightful analyses and offering useful results - results that can translate to increased savings, lower costs, better performance statistics, and achieved targets and goals.

Our approach to user interfaces (GUI) is common look, common feel. Whatever the data source, the GUI will be similar, window-based, intuitive, click and point, fast and easy. Once the environment is learned, new applications or enhancements won't create a barrier to the user.


Full OMS/DMS Integration


 Use Information Smartly

Data may already exist in abundance, but the real value is in its analysis.

All corporations have data pertinent to their business. The key is not just having the data, but in gaining access to it and squeezing as much information out of it as possible to provide your company with meaningful returns on investment.

DMS technology uses your data to provide you with useful reporting tools, predictive analyses and scenario assessments, all of which provide value.

The final task is to integrate the technology, data, and systems to get a best-of-breed solution.

A significant benefit ExtenSys provides is the ability to do precisely that. Experience with computer technology, databases, management systems, and designing and building interfaces is relatively rare. ExtenSys has all of this, and the extensive industry knowledge to back it up.

That will translate into your meeting or exceeding targets and increasing your bottom line, all while integrating a product and improving efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.


 Today and Tomorrow

Today, no picture is static, everything is evolving. Simple prudence says keep your options open. Get results now, but don't lock into a "solution" which will lead you down a dead end path a year or two from now.

ExtenSys is around for the long haul. We know that we not only have to be good once, we have to keep on being good. So, we are committed to the evolution of front-line, real time systems.

We'd like to propose something simple. Consider the imperatives of service delivery and management accountability, consider the benefits intrinsic in an effective DMS, consider how much you want to avoid another massive "systems project'.

Then, perhaps, consider giving us a call. We can help you achieve the performance improvements you want in a suprisingly short time and at a very affordable price.


For more information on Distribution Management Systems, contact Jim Stewart at (416) 481-1546