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Versatility and adaptability are our key strengths, so regardless of your needs we can work with you to develop an appropriate strategy. Keep this in mind while you review the following pages, which outline some of the products and services we have expertise in.


Outage Management Systems (OMS) Most often used by utility companies that handle and manage distributed networks, such as electricity, gas, or water, but the concept can be adapted to other needs. An OMS is a control tool that provides a real-time operable interface to a distributed network product. It allows system controllers to manage and analyze information concerning the incidents and resources surrounding the product and its delivery channel. (more)
Distribution Management Systems (DMS) Similar to an OMS, a DMS is also usually found at distributed network companies. However, a DMS tracks key performance indicators by monitoring and analyzing the delivery network and product distribution. In doing so it can perform predictive analyses and recommend alternatives, both of which can assist in achieving income, efficiency, reliability, and sustainability targets. (more)
Mobile Data Systems (MDS)
Having information is important, but it is most useful only when effectively communicated. Mobile or in-field data access achieves this by filling the information gap between field crews and dispatch resources. It provides a means to empower staff by supplying them with mission-critical information in a timely manner, no matter where they are. (more)
Electronic Transactions Including B2B Information itself may be the product, and it may be necessary to share large volumes of it at phenomenal speeds. Electronic transaction processing and B2B portals (interfaces) make it possible to exchange virtually any kind of information products at a rapid pace while maintaining a focus on security, reliability, and efficiency. (more)
Spatial Data and Mapping (CAD, AM/FM, GIS) Knowing where something is can be the most important task. As a result, graphic or visual representations, automated mapping systems, and geographic information systems that manage and convey "spatially referenced" information (locational data) are sometimes critical technologies. (more)
Real Time System Solutions When time is of the essence, a real-time interface is the best window to vital information. Industries that require time-sensitive control over items such as equipment, facilities, networks, or product distribution find that real time system solutions are key to providing and maintaining safety, security, reliability and premium performance. (more)

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