ExtenSys Inc.   

CES ArcInfo to Centricity Data Extraction Application

While working with several new clients, CES International (now part of SPL Worldgroup) identified the need for a tool to transfer a customer's existing Geographic Information System (GIS) data to CES' Centricity Outage Management System (OMS) product. Specifically, CES required a utility that could extract data from an ESRI spatial database (geodatabase) and output it to CES model build format. It would therefore facilitate the construction of an operable, networked real-time distribution model using existing GIS data.

The utility needed to be written in a common language, and be relatively easy to implement. It was to be a client-based tool that was configurable to suit various needs. Its primary user was to be a technician that understood the data well, and that knew the requirements for the OMS. The original need was to extract data from an ESRI geodatabase, so the decision was made to use Visual Basic and ESRI's ArcObjects COM interfaces available through the ArcInfo Object Model.

The Role of ExtenSys

In early 2000, CES chose ExtenSys to conduct a pilot of the data extraction utility. The design was to be simple, and it was to be a proof-of-concept prototype to determine the limitations and abilities of the technology.

The success of that pilot project speaks for itself. Several years later, the original prototype continues to evolve as the productized CES ArcInfo to Centricity Data Extraction Utility (also referred to as the AItoCentricity extractor). ExtenSys assisted CES in all development phases of this product. Among other tasks, ExtenSys employees provided the following services:

  • continuing research and development of the core product and its libraries.
  • writing the object oriented code in an easily scalable manner (for modular enhancements).
  • developing the testing procedures for product features and enhancements.
  • consulting on suggested modifications for the "next generation" product.
  • implementing, configuring and customizing the product for various CES clients.
  • offering technical support for clients with unusual requirements.
  • providing detailed analyses of output files to decipher client source data problems and corruptions.
  • troubleshooting potential errors and design flaws.

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