ExtenSys Inc.   

EBT Express Hub Project

In the fall of 2000, Toronto Hydro Corporation and Ontario Power Generation formed a new company, called EBT Express, to implement an electronic business transaction (EBT) hub or clearinghouse to serve the deregulated retail electricity market in Ontario. EBT Express provides a service to electricity distribution utilities and electricity retailers active in the Ontario retail electricity market

EBT Express was a start-up venture formed to serve the newly deregulated electricity market. Its function was to act as a clearinghouse for EBTs, validating the EBTs to ensure they were properly structured, directing them to the correct destination, and making sure they were properly received. The EBTs were communicated using the Internet and the newly emerging eXtensible Markup Language (XML). The new company developed and executed an aggressive marketing plan to obtain business in the newly deregulated electricity market. It also acquired the necessary technology to support a province wide EBT clearinghouse, installed and tested this technology, and worked with its customers to connect their Customer Information and Billing Systems to the EBT Hub.

The Role of ExtenSys

ExtenSys was invited to participate in the launch and growth of EBT Express. A member of ExtenSys held a line management position in EBT Express and, as a member of the management team, participated in all aspects of the launch of the company. Members of ExtenSys were responsible for:

  • the development of testing procedures for the customer connections to the clearinghouse
  • leading and participating with an industry group charged with the responsibility of maintaining and evolving the EBT Standards for Ontario
  • supporting EBT Express customers in the implementation and testing of their connections to the EBT Hub
  • participating in several task forces under the direction of the Ontario Energy Board concerned with the opening of the retail electricity market in Ontario

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