ExtenSys Inc.   

OMS Implementation for Nova Scotia Power Inc. (NSPI)

Nova Scotia Power Inc. (NSPI) based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada implemented an Outage Management System (OMS) based on CES International's Centricity suite of software and supporting technologies, and a GIS by ESRI and mobile data system by Utility Partners.  ExtenSys assisted CES International in various aspects of this implementation.

The Role of ExtenSys

ExtenSys was responsible for the interfaces between the OMS and the new and legacy systems.  ExtenSys also assisted NSPI in activities surrounding the system "go live" in 2001.

ArcGIS Object Model Design and Interface

ExtenSys assisted in customizing the ArcFM 8 object model to suit NSPI's business requirements and ensure it supported the OMS.  ExtenSys also developed the interface between ArcGIS and Centricity.

This interface moves data from ArcGIS into Centricity on a frequency dictated by the business, but it is typically performed daily.  ExtenSys developed an Extractor program using ESRI's ArcObjects that detects changes to the GIS dataset and extracts data from affected areas in order to keep the OMS up-to-date.  The extractor is a general purpose program, so ExtenSys configured it for NSPI.

The extracts are then preprocessed and run through the Centricity model builder.  ExtenSys wrote and configured the preprocessor.

Interfaces to Legacy Systems

ExtenSys was responsible for the development of interfaces between the OMS and the following external systems:  SCADA System, DCI Sentry System, Work Management System, IVR System and the Customer Information System.  MQSeries was used for some of the interfaces.


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OMS Specialist, Control Centre Operations
Nova Scotia Power
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